About the Adapt Institute 

What does the Adapt Institute do? 

The Adapt Institute helps organizations concerned with human security develop the ability to thrive in uncertainty. Human security is an umbrella term that refers to all fields and disciplines concerned with protecting humans from widespread and severe threats including the emergency services, emergency management, humanitarian aid, public health, and homeland security. Presently, Adapt is focused on supporting higher education in emergency management and the emergency services and seeking opportunities to widen the focus of their central framework and methods. 

Our Story 

Dr. Steven Jensen, Dr. Shirley Feldmann-Jensen, and Gregory Vigneaux founded the Adapt Institute in the fall of 2016. As practitioners in the emergency services, public health, and disaster risk management also working in the academy, each of the founding members were independently concerned with aligning human security practice with the increasing complexity of global threats. Adapt's founders were brought together through the Emergency Services Administration graduate program at California State University, Long Beach, before segueing into a collaborative partnership. The Adapt Institute began slowly taking form through research engagements focused on global policy implementation, innovation and education in humanitarian aid, and participating in the development of the Next Generation Core Competencies.