The Adapt Institute creates pathways toward effective practice in emergency management and the emergency services through purposeful education and workforce development.


The Next Generation Core Competency framework is foundational to enhancing the effectiveness of emergency management and the emergency services. By individual competency or as a whole, the Next Generation Core Competencies provide an evidence-based, actionable and evaluable framework designed to align higher education programs and organizations with the complexity of present and emerging challenges.

Tools and Materials

The Adapt Institute provides graduate-level curricula proven and refined over the course of a decade. Each complete course syllabus is aligned with the Next Generation Core Competencies and invites students to explore the applications of theory to practice. Outside of formal education, the Adapt Institute provides materials for advancing practice within emergency management and emergency services organizations. 




The Adapt Institute offers in-person and remote guidance to organizations and educational programs. Through engagements, Adapt is available to guide the development of pathways toward increased effectiveness through the implementation of the Next Generation Core Competencies, developing training programs, and the delivery of workshops and seminars.